SnaZio Digital HDTV Antenna

Digital TV Indoor Antenna DVB-T2 Compact

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Your active VHFruHF indoor antenna is designed for reception of digital terrestrial TV and radio programmers (DVB-T indoor antenna) from different locations. Warning: For indoor use only; do not expose the antenna to rain as well as any kind of humidity to avoid risk of fire and electric shock; Never allow children to operate or play with the antenna unless supervised.

  • Stylish and compact size design
  • High directionality
  • Break-through design with excellent reception
  • Designed for both digital and analogue TV signal
  • Mounted in various position, like roof, wall, balcony, etc



  • SMD circuit technology design
  • Shielded for minimum interference
  • Built-in high gain and low noise amplifier
  • Excellent reception for digital, freeview and analog TV signals
  • Powered by DTC set-top box or included separate power adapter
  • Specially Compatible with HDTV of various digital terrestrial signal (DVB-T, ISDB-T, DMB-T/H ATSC) and DAB/FM radios

Product Models: VA0131 VA0137 VA0138 VA0139


Model VA0131
DVB-T2 Evo
DVB-T2 Compact
DVB-T2 Ergo
DVB-T2 Super Booster
  Indoor Indoor Indoor Indoor / Outdoor
Frequency Range VHF: 175-230MHz UHF: 470-862MHz VHF: 87.5-230MHz UHF: 480-862MHz VHF: 87.5-230MHz UHF: 480-862MHz VHF: 87.5-230MHz UHF: 480-862MHz
Receiving Range   FM / VHF / UHF FM / VHF / UHF FM / VHF / UHF
Gain 18 dB (Max) 28 dB (Max) 28 dB (Max) 38 dB (Max)
Max. Output Level   100 dBμV 100 dBμV Max 100 dBμV Max
Impedance   75 Ω 75 Ω 75 Ω
Power Supply DC 5V, 35mA USB (DC 5V 40mA)
DTC (DC 5V 40mA)
AC/DC (DC 5V 100mA)
DTC (DC 5V 40mA)
AC/DC (DC 5V 100mA)
AC 230V, 50Hz
External Sockets   IEC-connector female, DC plug and USB plug    
Noise Figure   ≤ 3 dB ≤ 3 dB ≤ 3 dB
Reception Polarization   Horizontal & Vertical Horizontal & Vertical Multidirectional
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