KFSSI CO2 Set Nano-Coated Copper&Zinc Plate

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Do you want to experiment along with the world?

The Keshe Foundation provides everyone the ability to create GANS!

2 X Wire Extensions
1 X Nano-Coated Copper Plate – Using the Keshe Foundation Method, we provide the Fully Nano-Coated Copper Plate that can be re-coated many times to allow for different GANS capture!
1 X NOT Nano-Coated Zinc Plate – A Pure zinc plate that created the condition to capture GANS of CO2. Zinc Oxide is also created with this process.

With these plates, you are able to create your own CO2 Capture
kit, or mix the elements in the GANS collection kits to
create different GANS!

For more information on GANS creation, or how else you can use the Nano-Coated Copper plate to create different GANS with different elements please see our forum: GANS and NANO Materials

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