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Magic Sing ET19KV
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ET19KV Enter Tech, the leading karaoke system company introduces the new ET19KV karaoke mic. This mic is perfect for anyone who seeks a karaoke product with a rich sound quality and high performance. You can select and enjoy singing your favorite collections of songs whenever and whereever you desire.

Let's KARAOKE with MagicSing a "BAND in you Hand"

Enter Tech provides its best service and products with its prime sound and visual technologies and brings its customers more happiness than they have ever imagined.

  • Perfect for family gatherings and parties!
  • Everything you need is already built in!
  • No additional players required!
  • Easy upgrade fro songs in different languages!
  • User Friendly Remote Control!
  Overview Specifications What's in the Box Song Chips          
SD Card Battery CD External Video Input
SD Card Battery USB Installation CD External Video Input Cable
USB Cable AC Adaptor Karaoke Handbook Remote Control
USB Cable AC Adaptor Karaoke Handbook Remote Control
Main Station AV Cable Karaoke Carry Bag
Main Station AV Cable (RCA) Main Karaoke (2) Carry Bag
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