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Magic Sing ET18K
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If it’s about portable karaoke microphone, Magic Sing has been top on the list. The latest in Magic Sing series of microphones, ET-18000 provides an enhanced digital sound experience that brings “Personal Karaoke” experience equivalent to “Karaoke at bar”. Its new sleek and advanced design undoubtedly draws significant attention to sing and enjoy. With huge assortment of more than 2,000 songs, ET-18000 includes advanced karaoke features that have never been available earlier for personal karaoke entertainment. Whether it’s discovering your hidden singing talent, throwing a party to your friends or sharing time with family members, ET-18000 gives a new meaning to having entertainment right within your palm.

  • Assortment of 2,000 plus songs with 4 available chip slots for added pleasure
  • CD quality sound with new processor for advanced karaoke features
  • (RSM) Real Sound Multiplex Karaoke with guided vocals for better practicing
  • Customizable picture backgrounds for personalized experience
  • Advanced Karaoke controls for Echo, Key, Tempo & Melody
  • Completely wireless & portable with 2 microphones and one base unit
  • Connects directly to your TV (No Player, No CDs)
  Overview Specifications What's in the Box Song Chips          
Magic Sing is a complete Karaoke system comes with built-in songs but we also provide additional song chips for a great Karaoke experience. Magic Sing Karaoke Microphone can take up to 4 chips at any time. Each chip simply slots into one of the expansion slots on the base unit of ET-18000.

  • Song chips offered are updated on a regular basis to keep up with the latest releases available
  • Each Song chip is accompanied by a pre punched song list for ease of insertion into your song book
  • Song lists are able to be downloaded directly on to your computer.

Please select the song list you wish to down load and then click the download button.
Haven't got Adobe Acrobat Reader for your song lists?
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Further information on the extra chips available is listed below.

Main Mic Song Chips
Model   Discription Songs View Song List
ET19K, ET18K, ET25K, ET15K, ET3K   English Main Mic 2064 Download
ET19K   Chinese Main Mic 7800 Download

Song Chips
Model Group Discription Songs View Song List
VSPO01 VSAAAA Song Chip - POP Vol:1 Alternate / Modern 132 Download
VSPO02 VSAAAA Song Chip - POP Vol:2 60's / 70's / 80's Rock 138 Download
VSPO03 VSAAAA Song Chip - POP Vol:3 Dance / Club / Disco / Rap 136 Download
VSPO04 VSAAAA Song Chip - POP Vol:4 Variety / Standard 149 Download
VSPO05 VSAAAA Song Chip - POP Vol:5 Contemporary Easy 134 Download
VSPO06 VSAAAA Song Chip - POP Vol:6 Classsic Country 149 Download
VSPO07 VSAAAA Song Chip - POP Vol:7 Classic Rock 121 Download
VSPO08 VSAAAA Song Chip - POP Vol:8 Rocky / Heavy Metal 138 Download
VSPO09 VSAAAA Song Chip - POP Vol:9 R&B / Motown 141 Download
VSPO10 VSAAAA Song Chip - POP Vol:10 Contemporary Country 119 Download
VSPO11 VSAAAA Song Chip - POP Vol:11 Traditional / Childern / Holiday 234 Download
VSPO12 VSAAAA Song Chip - POP Vol:12 New Release / Latin 137 Download
VSPO13 VSAAAA Song Chip - POP Vol:13 Soft Rock / Beatles / Elvis 125 Download
VSPO15 VSAAAA Song Chip - POP Vol:15 Teens-1 100 Download
VSPO16 VSAAAA Song Chip - POP Vol:16 Variety 84 Download
VSPO17 VSAAAA Song Chip - POP Vol:17 New Release 100 Download
VSKIDS VSAAAA Song Chip - Kids 94 Download
VSCNTY VSAAAA Song Chip - Country 100 Download
VSPHC1 VSBBBB Song Chip - Praise Holy Christian 500 Download
VSPHW1 VSBBBB Song Chip - Praise Holy Worship 509 Download
VSHY01 VSBBBB Song Chip - English Hymn 558 Download
VSUK01 VSBBBB Song Chip - British 480 Download

Multi language Song Chips
Model Group Discription Songs View Song List
VSTG03 VSBBBB Song Chip - Philippines TAG3 958 Download
VSTG04 VSBBBB Song Chip - Philippines TAG4 874 Download
VSTG05 VSBBBB Song Chip - Philippines TAG5 500 Download
VSTG06 VSBBBB Song Chip - Philippines TAG6 500 Download
VSTG07 VSBBBB Song Chip - Philippines TAG7 486 Download
VSTG08 VSBBBB Song Chip - Philippines TAG8 460 Download
VSCN01 VSBBBB Song Chip - Chinese1 NEW 1902 Download
VSCN02 VSBBBB Song Chip - Chinese2 NEW 500 Download
VSTH01 VSBBBB Song Chip - Thai 1438 Download
VSID01 VSBBBB Song Chip - Indonesian 1249 Download
VSDE01 VSBBBB Song Chip - German 155 Download
VSFR01 VSBBBB Song Chip - French - 1 150 Download
VSFR02 VSBBBB Song Chip - French - 2 219 Download
VSRU01 VSBBBB Song Chip - Russian 1505 Download
VSHN01 VSBBBB Song Chip - Hindi1 200 Download
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