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1394 USB 2.0 Link

SnaZio* 1394 2.0 Link  
Product Overview:

SnaZio* USB 2.0 Link lets you experience the joy of faster data transfer at a breakneck speed of up to 480 Mbps! This high speed evolution means that you can now connect multiple peripherals to your computer without slowing down the system's performance. It will enable the use of higher performance and higher functionality peripherals such as high-resolution digital cameras, high-speed printers and scanners, fast storage and broadband Internet connections. SnaZio* USB 2.0 Link has enough bandwidth to support the most demanding user applications such as image editing, video editing, and interactive gaming, where multiple high-speed peripherals are running simultaneously. Imagine What It's
like to Experience Faster Data Transfer...

Perfect For Home & Business:

  • Hot Swap Plug & Play
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Transfer rate up to 480 Mbps, 40x USB 1.1
  • Connects up to 127 Devices
  • Complies with PC Card 5.0 or Above Standards
  • Easy to Use
SnaZio* USB 2.0 Link is an evolutionary advancement that retains full backward compatibility and all the existing benefits of USB 1.1, including plug & play, dynamic attach and detach, power destruction to devices and support for power management. If you've got a USB device, just plug it in!

Software & Hardware Inclusion:
Bundled software and hardware provided, depend on the Edition of the Product you have

SnaZio* 2.0 Link PC Edition Note Book Edition
USB 2.0 Link Drivers
Ulead Video Studio  
1394 DV (3 port) + USB 2.0 (5 port) + combo PCI  
USB 2.0 PC Card  
1394 Cable  
USB 2.0 Cable

Incredible Software Included:
Ulead Video Studio   Full motion Video capture and editing native MPEG encoding for High quality professional level video editing software with smart check and convert, smart trim, multiple
and ripple editing.

  • DV to MPEG Direct Capture Batch Capture
  • Seamless Capture (No 4 GB Limit)
  • Storyboard & Timeline Editing Frame Accurate Editing Full Resolution Previews
  • DVD/ VCD Authoring Preview DVD/ VCD before Burning Quicktime Streaming
  • Output Smart Render Technology
System Requirements:

CPU: Pentium II 400 MHz or Higher

OS: Windows 98 / Windows ME / Windows 2000 / Windows XP

64 MB Minimum

PCI Combo System Integrator Edition Available.

PCI Combo System Integrator Edition Available:
This version is an economy pack that comes with hardware PCI board and driver only. It is targeted for system integrators and bulk orders.

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