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Secure Internet Gateway  

Secure Internet Gateway:
The SIG is an affordable gateway with FIREWALL protection, for small businesses, home and 2nd - tier department networking environment. It's built on Linux x86 platform, known for its reliability & robustness. Secure Internet Gateway is both broadband & narrowband ready, just connect to an ADSL Ethernet modem, cable modem, ISDN modem, or a V.90 dial-up modem, and multiple users can now access network connection at the same time, plus the added benefit of surfing with security.

With the SIG, you can now have a peace of mind that your important company & personal information are kept secured & confidential. These important database and documents are protected from unauthorized access or changes by malicious staff and Internet hackers, as well as option to block access to selected web sites.

SIG is also a stand-alone file server. Hence, doing away with the need for expensive PC server dedicated for Internet network access, where continuous connection is required to ensure continuous Internet access. SIG's auto-energy saving management device allows you to select 'sleep' mode when the server is not in use. And now, you only need one (1) ISP address for multiple users when connected on the Secured Internet Gateway.


Product Line : -
Description Firewire VS USB
Data Transfer bit rate 400 Mbps 12 Mbps
Support Daisy chain connection Yes No
Support to DV camera Yes No
Playback video from external Hard disk Yes No
Hot Plug & Play Yes Yes
Segment Length 4.5m 4.5m
Power Supply Optional Optional
Bus Power Rating 1500 MA 500 MA

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