SnaZio* HAVA HD Streamer literally brings TV viewing experience to a whole new level where you will never miss your favorite TV programmes even when you’re not at home. Stay in touch with local news, TV shows, Sports programmes and all other premium channels you pay for – at the office, in the hotel, at the WIFI hotspots anywhere around the world. So feel free and plan your vocations without having a worry to access the TV programmes you watch in your living room. Imagine it’s all just a beginning of what you can do with this amazing device. Multiple inputs allow you to watch & control up to three devices including one HD source. Remote TV streaming on mobile phones & internet connected PC generally referred as Place-shifting, TV streaming on local home network (virtual Tuner on every home Computer / Laptop), Tivo like time-shifting controls, scheduled recording remotely or locally and perfect MCE integration makes SnaZio* HAVA HD Streamer an essential component for your today’s lifestyle.
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Customer Testimonials
"I choose HAVA because of its surveillance abilities. I can now focus more on work while in office and nothing to worry about whether my baby is being looked after properly by our newly hired maid - thanks to HAVA"
Elizabeth W.
"No HAVA, No Travel"
Josette B
"I have recently been transferred overseas, with HAVA at home in Singapore. I can now watch local TV programmes or family videos while I am thousand miles away - HAVA changed my life"
Oliver. T
"I purchased HAVA because it allows me to stream my Living Room StarHub TV to my bedroom - all on wireless & without requiring additional STB or TV"
Desmond L.
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How it Works
SnaZio* HAVA HD Streamer consists of the Hardware unit and PC / mobile client. Simply connect the hardware unit to your video sources. Install HAVA client application on your PC / Notebook / Mobile. Setup the HAVA wizard and there you go, ready to stream your favorite programmes either on local network on any internet connected PC.
You can connect up to 3 video sources directly with your SnaZio* HAVA HD Streamer including one HD input for your Xbox, HD DVD, Blue Ray or HD camcorders. With a click of a button you can switch between your input sources even remotely on internet. SnaZio* HAVA HD Streamer does not provide any built-in TV Tuner and you have to rely on the HD IN, AV IN & S-Video In. Connect outputs from your relevant devices to these input types and the virtual remote control will do the job for remotely changing the channel as well.
IR Blaster
The IR Blaster allows SnaZio* HAVA HD Streamer to send commands to your video devices on home network or remotely.
Connect your SnaZio* HAVA HD Streamer to your home network either by connecting the RJ-45 wired network (Ethernet) or to your Wi-Fi access point using the provided USB Wi-Fi dongle (only Titanium Ed).
External Hard Disk
SnaZio* HAVA HD streamer provides support for USB connected external hard drives enabling standalone DVR operation. Support for external USB connected storage devices allows users to record favorite TV shows without requiring a PC, effectively turning your HAVA into a standalone DVR device. You can even schedule recordings locally or remotely. Enjoy TiVo-like experience without having TiVo.
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